February 26, 2013

Friends Make You Brave

We have friends for a reason. If we're feeling blue, they cheer us up. If we need help deciding which new TV to buy, they email sales and reviews from Amazon. If we simply want to go out, have a good meal and gossip about all the people we know, they are usually sitting right beside us. Friends console us, they give advice, and they help us frequently.

That said, I'd like to meet the friend that filled Hollywood starlet Kristen Stewart with so much confidence that the crutches, wild hair, and there's-a-pack-of-rats-in-my-dress hobble a non-issue for the 85th Academy Awards. "Show up in your couture bodice, and me, I'll show up fighting these labor contractions!"

It was a brave display of shameless confidence, urged no doubt, by someone that either really loves her or has stock in her demise. I believe the first. After all, the entire world was watching probably trying to understand why she was there instead of the police station pressing charges against the zookeeper that let her play with those gorillas.

Although the young starlet's head was not particularly held high that evening, I secretly gave her kudos while quietly wondering, "does she smell too?" Ms. Stewart did offer an original type of confidence that, well, can't be overlooked...or forgotten unfortunately. Yes, the gods of Hollywood probably did everything in their celestial power to keep her from trekking that red carpet; BUT in a visceral, gritty, real-life, here-I-am-bitches-take-it-leave-it-who-cares-I-just-want-to-sit-down way she found the finish line. And, she also was at the 85th Oscar Awards, umm...when was the last time any of us were asked to go, let alone present?

No one's dead, the world's still spinning, it was nothing shameful, and somehow we all learned something from Ms. Stewart's display...never trust your friends, publicists, stylists, and bloggers will forever out number them.

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