January 30, 2012

Dreams of Opera

A quick and early post this morning, in lieu of some vivid dreams that came my way last night. Dreams are such an incredible phenomena. They seem so real and so magical sometimes. It's as if dreams are the way we see the future, remember the past, and communicate with nether worlds. I once read that we have hundreds of dreams per night but only have the conscious capacity to recall fragments of only 3% of what we experience. This said, hands down, the realm of dreaming is a fascinating and incredibly interesting place.

Of course, I translated this into something operatic and could not help but remember the dream scene from Richard Strauss' Die Frau ohne Schatten, the moment when Empress wakes from a vivid dream and recants all she saw to her confidant Amme. Had to share!

Update 8:58 AM!

I checked my horoscope, a fun habit I do every morning. I absolutely had to include it in the post:

Nightmares that come your way today are likely to cause you to wake up feeling extremely angry for no tangible reason. You might want to take a close look at your dreams and try to analyze them so that you'll learn the source of your ire and how best to expunge it. Disconcerting news about money is likely to prove groundless, Libra, so don't fly off the handle and get all stressed out when you hear it.

January 24, 2012

By the way....what?

Everyone knows that I am a big movie buff: horror, sci-fi, romance, comedy...you name it. But I admit, my senses were slightly tilted when I came across this unique horror from Italian director Dario Argento, a specialist in the sub genre of horror called gaillo. Gaillo? Yes. In other words, suspense, crime fiction, soft porn, and paperback thriller all have a baby beside the Pisa tower.

I was fascinated because it had everything to do with opera, and despite what the title suggests--leading lady dies opening night; tenor suddenly falls into a coma days before the premiere; every chorister contracts a vile stomach bug...etc--this movie is nothing short current day slashers. Was I shocked? Yea. In a good way? Probably. I don't know yet. A full review once I've got a little time to process.

Click the pic for a preview of the trailer.